This book explores Texada's origins in Rioja, Spain and his settlement and life in Natchez. Included are biographical accounts of his second wife, Mahalah Trevillion, and his sons Joseph Texada and John Augustin Texada, with primary focus on his grandchildren and later descendants who lived along Bayou Rapides in Central Louisiana.

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Manuel García de Texada?

Manuel García de Texada was the progenitor of the Texada family in Spanish Mississippi. While living in Mexico City, he was sent to Havana, Cuba and served under Bernardo de Gálvez during the Revolutionary War. He is therefore recognized as a DAR and SAR patriot. By June 1782, he had arrived in Natchez, intially serving as mayordomo of the Natchez Royal Hospital.

Texada not only prospered in Natchez, but left indelible legacies in the community.

Texada proved to be a shrewd businessman during his 35-year tenure in Natchez. He was successful planter and an adept real estate magnate.

Having lived through a period of remarkable change from Spanish governance to organization by the United States as the Mississippi Territory, Don Manuel García de Texada died in Natchez in October 1817, less than two months before Mississippi became the 20th state in the Union.

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